What is a VA?

Do you find yourself saying “if I just had more time.”  Then it’s time to look into hiring a virtual assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is person who works from their home office and assists people with various task. They can perform services for you or your business.

Here are some reasons to hire a virtual assistant:

  • Saves you time – You don’t have to do it all yourself
  • Saves you money
  • He or she is passionate about their business as you are
  • You don’t have to pay vacation, sick time, and it is a tax write-off for your business
  • A client only pays for the actual time a VA spends on completing the task.
  • No office space or equipment needed
  • He/she is committed to their clients, just like you are
  • Technology allows communication to be easy and productive
  • Virtual Assistants have skills that are necessary to get your jobs done
  • Relieves you of stress